About Us


Hey, Sunny & Anju here,

We are the recently married couple from Scotland who are behind the creation of 4 Mind Body Soul. We are delighted that you have come across our website and hope we can make a difference to your life.

Our aim is to bring you alternative solutions to increase both your overall happiness and health in life.

All topics that we promote and discuss are very near and dear to us. Coming from an Indian background and with both of us having large extended families, we have experienced first-hand why keeping healthy and taking steps to avoid prevention of disease is so important.

The programs that we promote have been tried and tested both by us and certain members of our family. We truly see the whole human existence as our family and would not promote any programmes or treatments unless we felt they would really benefit your overall lifestyle.

Please feel free to reach out to us using the Contact Page. We are real people who wish to communicate and create a long term and lasting relationship with you.

What We Do?

We help you choosing the right track and ideas to keep yourself fit and healthy. We guide you to: