Falling for overalls: how to style this wardrobe staple

Overalls are a classic and timeless staple that transcend time and generations, from their original roots as durable adult work wear to becoming modern trend pieces for children and adults alike. Overalls were a childhood staple for many and prove to be a mainstay still today. OshKosh B’gosh, the iconic and trusted American brand whose overalls helped make the brand famous, is celebrating its 125th birthday this year.

To honor this important milestone, the beloved brand has introduced a Limited Edition Capsule Collection of vintage-inspired denim overalls and tees for the whole family — from the littlest ones to the grownups. Full of nostalgia, the overalls represent a throwback made fresh down to the signature durable denim wash, metal hardware and classic bib and patch, but with a modern twist.

There are endless ways to wear this denim timepiece that never goes out of style:

Keep it simple

Let the overalls speak for themselves. Effortlessly chic and fashion-forward at the same time, high-quality overalls don’t need many bells and whistles to look and feel great, no matter who’s wearing them. Pairing them with a simple solid or patterned T-shirt underneath allows the details over the overalls to pop. The iconic brand logo will certainly demand attention.

Comfy and casual

Originally designed as work wear and for their utility, overalls are functional in design, not to mention being completely comfortable and wearable, too — for work and for play. A casual, loose fit allows for versatility, so you can wear them while doing anything, from lounging around at home and doing chores around the house to Zoom work calls and running errands. And of course, they’re sturdy enough for active kids having fun playing inside or out. Adjustable straps and a stretch to the fabric allow for a great fit and added comfort.

As a family

Every family needs a matching set of outfits, and that family photo in matching attire is a rite of passage — which leaves behind a cherished keepsake to be displayed and enjoyed for years to come. The capsule collection boasts sizes for men, women, kids, toddlers and even babies, so everyone can get in on the fun of wearing the brand many grew up wearing and loving. What a fun way for parents to enjoy a piece of their own childhood with their children. Extra tip: family members can express some creative liberties and accessorize to their taste.

Make it your own

Have fun with styling! The versatile piece makes it easy to create a look that best fits your personal style. Cuff the hem for a shorter, sportier look and pair them with colorful sneakers or dress it up with a blazer draped over your shoulders and more formal shoe. Get creative with jewelry, headbands, bandanas, belts, face masks and more to make the look your own. Let kids pick out their own fun and colorful shirts or headwear to personalize their outfits as well.

Check out the fun new Limited Edition Capsule Collection and more at oshkosh.com/oshkosh-125birthday.

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